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B2E Success Story: Julie Larson

March 06, 2018

York Solutions’ Barriers to Entry program (B2E) helps individuals re-enter the workforce, while providing a new pipeline of talent to drive business success for our clients. B2E is a paid program that offers professional development and comprehensive training from an experienced IT executive.

We recently checked in with Julie Larson, a graduate of the B2E program who is now thriving in a new phase of her career.

Julie had a background working in IT project management, but she left the workforce in 2012 to spend more time with her four young children. During this time, Julie battled an illness that affected her memory and, as a result, her belief in her professional abilities.

“My memory has improved, but the memory loss that I was experiencing killed my confidence,” Julie said. “I once picked up a notebook full of notes from my previous job, and it might as well have been written in another language. I have never been very technical, but I have always been able to talk the talk, and I feared that I couldn't even do that.”

A magazine article about the B2E program piqued Julie’s interest. She was ready to go back to work, but she was struggling with the job search due to gaps in her resume and qualifications. She was intrigued by the opportunity to refresh her skills, obtain a ScrumMaster certification and receive some networking assistance.

Through the B2E program, Julie regained her confidence and advanced her IT project management skills. As an introvert, she was hesitant about networking, but the training helped her move outside her comfort zone and build new relationships with people in her field. And at the end of the program, Julie was proud to earn her CSM certification.

“Silvia and Melissa and all of the others I worked with at York believed in me, and that confidence transferred to me bit by bit,” she said. “Training also helped me to see that my memory was not as big of an issue as I once thought it was. I learned that, while a little rusty, I could still talk the talk and that I still knew how to get things done.”

After graduation, Julie immediately landed a job as a Workforce Analyst in the Quality Assurance group or area? at Prime Therapeutics. She has expanded her project management competencies, and her position involves monitoring work demands, managing leads to make resource assignments, and resolving constraints and conflicts.

“I'm excited to have the purpose of a career again!” Julie said. “I look forward to learning every day and growing both personally and professionally. And I look forward to giving back to other people like me.  I'm where I am today because people believed in me and gave me a chance, and I am so grateful.”

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