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Access a New Pipeline of Diverse Talent to Drive Business Success

Are you struggling to find the high-quality project management talent needed to succeed? Are you feeling the pressure around diversity quotas? Do you know any talented individuals who took a career hiatus only to find it difficult to return to the workforce? 

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According to InformationWeek, project management is the #2 tech skill in short supply. Now, imagine having access to an untapped pool of resources and successfully completing your projects all while diversifying your staff. 

  • Our participant population is comprised of stay-at-home parents, veterans, and folks looking to make a career change. 
  • They are highly educated, highly motivated, and have the life skills necessary to ramp up faster than a fresh grad.
  • Most of our participant population had never previously considered IT as a career path, or are continuously overlooked and screened out automatically by current systems, meaning these highly skilled resources never even make it to your inbox! 

Through a comprehensive training program, we focus on project coordination, project management, and effective communication skills. Ultimately, the goal of the program is to produce professionals ready to begin or re-launch successful careers in IT project management.

Business Drivers

Our program will help provide you with a competitive edge to enhance business growth through:

  • Access to a new pipeline of experienced professionals to address the current skills gap found within the IT industry
  • Helping to close the diversity gap, especially for women in IT
  • High-quality candidates who have gone through extensive training, coupled with the transferable skills they have already gained through their personal and professional experiences
  • Supplementing current staff with B2E’s returnship professionals, freeing up time of senior staff for higher-level responsibilities
  • Providing ongoing support to ensure success


Participant Demographics:

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If you're interested in helping us close the gaps by adding some B2E participants to your team, please contact us at b2e@yorksolutions.net