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We focus on Quality, Speed and Value by combining our proven expertise in the qualification and selection of IT professionals with well-defined processes for resource deployment, administration and retention

Some descriptionOur Managed Service Staffing Solution (MS3) is a highly collaborative and customized solution that gives clients a competitive edge in the marketplace for top IT talent by enabling them to move quickly as needs are approved, while also retaining top performers on multiple assignments. MS3 shifts the burden of selection and screening, onboarding, on-site support, and off-boarding from the client to York. Customizing a deliverables-based program for each situation gives our clients a competitive edge in the marketplace with service level guarantees on the front and back-end of the process.

Starting with the project concept, we work closely with hiring managers to ensure that we have an in-depth understanding of the project in order to find the most qualified candidates to deliver project success.

Through the implementation of this program, our clients will experience the following results:

  • Less time spent by client management in qualifying candidates
  • Shorter “time-to-fill” for open positions
  • Fewer performance issues
  • Shorter assignment learning curve for consultants
  • Reallocation of client management time to core tasks
  • Elimination of client management time spent on vendor issues

Please contact us if you’re interested learning more about the implementation of an MS3 program for your organization. 

Helping individuals looking to re-enter the workforce break through barriers, while providing a new pipeline of talent to drive business success for our clients

It is estimated that there are millions of educated men and women struggling to re-enter the workforce after taking a break to raise their families, serve our country, or return to school in search of a career change.

York is working to remove the barriers to entry for these groups through our passion and dedication to transforming life experience into career opportunity.

Our Barriers to Entry program focuses on helping individuals from these under-represented groups by providing a foundation for success through professional development and training as we prepare them for a career in project management consulting with York.

The comprehensive, paid, training program is led by a trainer with executive-level experience in the IT industry and focused on project management skills.


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Fostering professional growth and development through the power of networking and collaboration

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Think IT is a unique service that we offer to not only clients and consultants, but the IT community as a whole. Think IT was started in the Twin Cities in 2009 and is a professional development association designed for IT professionals. We currently have over 2,400 members in 7 different groups with individual focus on all levels of IT leaders in the Twin Cities, as well as over 500 members in 3 groups in Chicago.

Most Think IT groups meet on a monthly basis in an informal, roundtable format with a different member from the group facilitating (not presenting) each session. Members also have the opportunity to participate in a mentorship program and a leadership development program called Link to Leadership.


2013 Minnesota Business Magazine – click here to read more!

2015 Community Partner ACHIEVER Award by Genesys Works- click here to read more!

2015 CARE Awards honoree by American Staffing Association- click here to read more!

We encourage you to reach out to your contact at York or visit our website dedicated to Think IT (www.thinkITassociation.org) to learn more and apply to join. 



We work with clients from the outset to determine the best course of action to meet their goals

We know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and we work closely with our clients to customize an approach that will help their unique organization to achieve business success.

We provide our clients with the expertise and leadership required for successful project definition and end-to-end delivery, while also focusing on finding the highest quality candidates available through a number of methods, including York’s own proprietary database which currently holds over 15 million resumes. From the strategic thinking required during project inception to ensuring that consultants are supported at the client site, York works to deliver a seamless process for IT resource acquisition. 

IT Consulting Services and Programs:

  • Managed Service Staffing Solution (MS3)
  • Barriers to Entry Program (B2E)
  • Staff Augmentation

Areas of expertise: SAP, ERP, IT Security, Applications, Infrastructure, BI/DW, PMO, and QA.

Please contact us if you’re interested in more information about our IT consulting services or programs

  • MS3 Case Study

    April 18, 2018

    York Solutions’ Managed Service Solution (MS3) is a collaborative and customized program that helps clients hire and build teams of top IT contract talent efficiently and effectively. MS3 shifts the burden of selection, onboarding and off-boarding from the client to York Solutions.

  • Why Companies Fail at Writing Job Descriptions

    April 17, 2018

    An effective job description benefits both job seekers and hiring managers. The problem is that many companies still do not invest enough time into writing quality job descriptions. Here are a few reasons why your company should be different.

  • Don't Make Hiring Difficult

    April 16, 2018

    When the right team is brought together, amazing things are created, and seemingly impossible feats are accomplished. Building the right mix of individuals is not like doing a puzzle where every piece has only one correct place it belongs. Building a team means pieces can, and should be, moved around. When it comes to hiring, we challenge you to start thinking differently.


Why York

Our goal is to have a positive impact on the lives, careers, and futures of IT professionals within our community. With over 25 years of experience, York Solutions is an IT consulting firm that provides clients with custom resource solutions to fit their business needs to successfully complete IT projects through our custom resource solutions which include our managed service staffing solution (MS3) and our Barriers to Entry (B2E) program. We believe strongly in creating a true partnership approach with our clients and consultants that fosters a long-term, trust-based relationship. 

We also focus on professional development through our association for IT professionals called Think IT. In addition, our newest offering, the Barriers to Entry program, focuses on helping individuals looking to re-enter the workforce connect with companies in need of highly-skilled IT and project management talent.

We also carry over the importance of professional development to our employees. From the top down, we focus on helping our employees reach their goals and reach their full potential as we know our organization can only succeed if our staff is happy and fulfilled.

We like to work hard and have fun. To sum it up, as our CEO, Richard Walker, says, "We take our work seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously!"